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Get mailbox sizes and export them to CSV/Excel

if you want to export all you mailboxes sizes to CSV/Excel, you can run this command in you powershell:


Exchange 2010 Relay

The easist way is just to run this command in powershell: Where: is the IP address of the Exchange server is the ip of the clients how need access to relay...


Change autodiscover URL (EWS URL / OAB URL / ECP URL / Activesync URL) – Exchange 2010

If you want to change Autodiscover / EWS / OAB / OWA / ECP / Activesync Url, this is how it works

Or if this is a single server installation you can do...


Remove-RoutingGroupConnector – The operation couldn’t be performed because ‘rg-exchange’ matches multiple entries.

I have this problems that i could delete a routinggroup between an old Exchange 2003 and a new Exchange 2010. When i type Get-RoutingGroupConnector Name SourceRoutingGroup TargetRoutingGroup —- —————— —————— RG-Exchange Exchange Routing Group...


TMG and Internet Explorer 9 – file:///C:/Program%20Files/Microsoft%20Forefront%20Threat%20Management%20Gateway/UI_HTMLs/Generic.htm?guid=

Hello If you have Internet Explorer 9 and TMG / UAG installed on the same machine you need to apply this patch, else you will get: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Microsoft%20Forefront%20Threat%20Management%20Gateway/UI_HTMLs/Generic.htm?guid=%7B1FC3773B-C941-450C-BA39-224904EFD093%7D * Open “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management...