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Autodiscover and https / http

It is possible to disable the HTTPS authentication process for Autodiscover if you want. To disable HTTPS for Autodiscovery modify the following registry key: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\AutoConfiguration – REG_DWORD – UseSSL – change the value to...


Penge tilbage i registreringsafgift

Fik brev fra Skat igår med at folketinget havde lavet en ny måde at udregne registreringsafgiften på, så udfra dette havde jeg næsten betalt 7000 for meget, så de kommer lige retur, og da...


Exchange 2003 and powershell

Have you ever need a list of yours mailbox and the size of it. You can find this in system manager, but you cannot export this list. With Powershell you can get a list...


Exchange 2003 and 75GB datastore

With exchange 2003 SP2, the database store in Exchange is increase to 75GB, this is not setup automatic. You have to change something in the registry database. To set the size of the private...


Glædeligt jul og godt nytår

Du og din familie ønskers en glædeligt jul og et godt nytår. Du kan læses vores julebrev 2008 her. Share this:


Arcserve R12 missing Exchange document level

After you have installed Arcserve R12, you maybe missing Exchange document level on you Exchange 2007. This may caused by you don’t have install ”Microsoft Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1”, this can...


Debian packages cpio failes to be updated

If you have some troubles upgrading cpio, it returns this error: Preparing to replace cpio 2.6-18 (using …/cpio_2.6-18.1+etch1_i386.deb) … Unpacking replacement cpio … Replaced by files in installed package tar … dpkg: error processing...


Arcserve R12 and Exchange

If you have follow my guide howto to backup exchange from Arcserve R12, but still have problems with backup the exchange server. Try to search in global address book, in outlook if you can...