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MSSQL SP_WHO2 order by db / databases

Order sp_who2, after database with this commands: declare @tempTable table (SPID INT,Status VARCHAR(255),Login VARCHAR(255),HostName VARCHAR(255),BlkBy VARCHAR(255),DBName VARCHAR(255),Command VARCHAR(255),CPUTime INT,DiskIO INT,LastBatch VARCHAR(255),ProgramName VARCHAR(255),SPID2 INT,REQUESTID INT); INSERT INTO @tempTableEXEC sp_who2 select *from @tempTable order by dbname...


Test SMTP TLS with OpenSSL with Auth

On a linux box type these two commands The command will return with the username and password in base64 format.Example: So now you need to telnet with OpenSSL to the mailserver: After you have...


Match Veeam replicas folder with VM

If you need to see what VM, that match to a VEEAM Replica folder on the disk system, this can be the solutionThe veeam replica folder looks like this: Let say that you need...


SQL Agent Job history – T SQL

Here are a Script, that you can use to extract the SQL Agent Job History This will also tell you the job steps Thanks to Chad Churchwell  – Share this:


Update Service with new SSL certificate

Some service SSL certificate is adminstrate though netsh start netsh, though a CMD, with just type: netsh If you then type: http show sslcert, you can see SSL certificate information: So to update this...


Lenovo Update ONECLI

OneCli.exe update acquire –scope latest –mt 7X06 –os win2016 –dir C:\Lenovo\Driver Onecli.exe update flash –dir C:\Lenovo\Driver –scope latest You find ONECLI on Lenovo Support page, under the specific server Please change -mt to the...


mssql get the backup information with copy_only information.

I need to find a way to see if the backup chain where broken. On my search I found this could script, created by “hot2use”I have found this script on a forum. The script...


See if a database is using Enterprise features of an Microsoft SQL server.

Run this command to see if any database on the SQL Server is using enterprise features

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CA ArcServe16.5 under Debian X64bit

First install 32bit libs.

Then get the DEB’s files, from the cdrom

If you get errors like this: /opt/CA/ABcmagt/aglang_setup: 60: [: -e: unexpected operator. See here: Run these commands

Run this command...