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Lenovo Update ONECLI

OneCli.exe update acquire –scope latest –mt 7X06 –os win2016 –dir C:\Lenovo\Driver Onecli.exe update flash –dir C:\Lenovo\Driver –scope latest You find ONECLI on Lenovo Support page, under the specific server Please change -mt to the...


Restart Explorer as Adminstrator

If you have problems with accessing a drive, with the error message: f:\ is not accessible. Access is denied It can happen, if the drive doesn’t have this permission:Everyone (This folder Only): Read &...


mssql get the backup information with copy_only information.

I need to find a way to see if the backup chain where broken. On my search I found this could script, created by “hot2use”I have found this script on a forum.https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/204883/how-to-tell-if-a-backup-log-chain-is-broken The script...