Category: Debian


Get number of mails in queue in postfix

To show the queue of postfix, just run postqueue -p But if you will like to show the total number of mails in the postfix queue, you can run this streng.


Compiling Linux Kernel 3.6.X the debian/ubuntu way for Hyper-V

Here is a guide to compile a kernel 3.6.X kernel for hyper-v the debian way.


Linux find hidden files in path

If you want to find any hidden files (Files with a dot first), you can use this command:

You can change ./ to be /var/www to find any hidden files in /var/www


Problems with a shell script running from cron

If you have a shellscript thats run okay from shell, but not will running from cron, run this command (This is what it looks like when cron run it)



Kill all process from ps and grep

This command will kill all instance from