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Clear mssql cache

If you for example need to test a query against two SQL servers hardware, its a good idea to clear the cache first.This query can do this:


Computer won’t join Azure AD

When going to Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school, og push the “connect” buttom. I could just see that the popup, asking for my mail address, just popup, but then disapear again...


SNMP OID list for iLO4

Here is a list of SNMP OID list for iLO4, to used in yours monitoring software like Atera. Fans:. (Fan Index). (Fan Locale (1=other, 2=unknown, 3=system, 4=systemBoard, 5=ioBoard, 6=cpu, 7=memory, 8=storage, 9=removable media, 10=power...


Extend a raidset with STORCLI CLI

You can use this command to see the status of the Raid Controller and Raidset.

Here you can see under PD List, that drive 252:3 14 stand as UGood. Thats the new disk...