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RemoteFX not working anymore

Today I have this problem, that no matter what I do. I could get RemoteFX to work.The strange things is it where working yesterday, and no one will admit that the have changed anything.And...


See if a database is using Enterprise features of an Microsoft SQL server.

Run this command to see if any database on the SQL Server is using enterprise features



MSSQL see witch user that have SysAdmins access

WIth this command you can see witch user that have SysAdmins access.



MSSQL Databases

To show all MSSQL databases except the normal system databases.



Error when trying to remove a Mailbox Database on Exchange Server

When you try to delete a mailbox, you may get this error:

This is because the mailbox database still contains data, that need to be moved, before you can deleted it. If you...


MSSQL Free Space in Databases files

To get a list of the databases files, and the current disk size in MB, and the Free Space in MB in each fil, you can use this commands

If you need a...