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Exchange: Get a list of all email address

For en liste over alle mail adresse

For en liste over alle mail adresse på et given domæne


Get mailbox sizes and export them to CSV/Excel

if you want to export all you mailboxes sizes to CSV/Excel, you can run this command in you powershell:


Change autodiscover URL (EWS URL / OAB URL / ECP URL / Activesync URL) – Exchange 2010

If you want to change Autodiscover / EWS / OAB / OWA / ECP / Activesync Url, this is how it works

Or if this is a single server installation you can do...


Get mailboxes and witch groups there are member of

I need to get all mailboxes, and witch group there are member of. You need Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell for this to work:

In the file c:\groupslog.txt each line is a mailbox,...


Remove-RoutingGroupConnector – The operation couldn’t be performed because ‘rg-exchange’ matches multiple entries.

I have this problems that i could delete a routinggroup between an old Exchange 2003 and a new Exchange 2010. When i type Get-RoutingGroupConnector Name SourceRoutingGroup TargetRoutingGroup —- —————— —————— RG-Exchange Exchange Routing Group...


Powershell – Get all Security Groups from AD

First install Add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $File = “C:\ita\securitygroups.txt” $AllGroups = get-qadgroup -grouptype “Security” | select name, Description $AllGroups | Foreach { echo “” echo “” echo $ echo $_.description } | out-File...