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Installation of New Exchange server

If you ever have installed a new Exchange server in an Active Directory orgainisation that allready have an Exchange server (That’s not so often anymore), you may have discovered that users get Certificate warning...


VMWare – Certificate Status Trigger alarm Alert

Back in December i replaced my Certificate on my VMWare Appliance with a our new Wildcard certificate.But here in January, i got an alarm saying “Certificate Alarm” and it trigger it as an Alert....


Update Service with new SSL certificate

Some service SSL certificate is adminstrate though netsh start netsh, though a CMD, with just type: netsh If you then type: http show sslcert, you can see SSL certificate information: So to update this...


Enterprise Root CA can’t issue more than 2-year certificate

If you want to issue a certificate with 20 years expiration, run this commands:

  To issues a certificate with a template, run this command