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Shring SQL log file

USE [TestDb] GO ALTER DATABASE [TestDb] SET RECOVERY SIMPLE WITH NO_WAIT DBCC SHRINKFILE([TestDb_Log], 1) ALTER DATABASE [TestDb] SET RECOVERY FULL WITH NO_WAIT GO   Where TestDB, is the database name, and TestDB_Log is the SQL Log file name....


Search exchange message tracking log for a particular subject

If you want to search Exchange log for a particular subject, or just a bite of it, you can search witch this commands. This will also export it to a nice CSV files.



Search in Message Tracking log with wildcard

If you want to search the last 72 hours after mails sent to email recepitions on domain kennethdalbjerg.dk, you can run this command

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Citrix Xendesktop enable logging on VDI machines

1.     Create a new directory called e:\vdilogging\. The Network and Local service accounts need to have write access to this folder. If you using vdisk in standard mode, remember to save it on locally...