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2 thoughts on “Remote principal name is not configured in trusted server list.”
  1. Hi.
    Thanks for post.

    OCS2007R Standard Edition Front End with certificate: Subject “” and SAN “”.
    I try to install a certificate on the server OCS-FE with only Subject “” – all services are running except for A/V conf.
    The server reported an error:
    Source: OCS Audio-Video Conferencing Server Computer:
    Description: An invalid certificate was selected for TLS connections.
    Issuer: CN=INTRANET-CA-ROOT, DC=company, DC=local
    Serial Number: ***
    Cause: The selected certificate could not be found or the subject name of the certificate does not match the FQDN of the server or pool.

    you have decided the same problem? , I added the server name in the trusted names in your article. what else could be wrong?

    (text was translated by google)

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