Monthly Archive: November 2012


XenCenter – Failed to import

I have a problem with my Xencenter failed to import a OVF VM. In XenCenter console, it just says: Failed to import. If i look in the log files is was saying: (In XenCenter...


Compiling Linux Kernel 3.6.X the debian/ubuntu way for Hyper-V

Here is a guide to compile a kernel 3.6.X kernel for hyper-v the debian way.


Linux find hidden files in path

If you want to find any hidden files (Files with a dot first), you can use this command:

You can change ./ to be /var/www to find any hidden files in /var/www


Problems with a shell script running from cron

If you have a shellscript thats run okay from shell, but not will running from cron, run this command (This is what it looks like when cron run it)