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Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Ahsay restore to recovery mailbox database / storage group.

Ahsay have no support for native restore to Exchange recovery group, but here is a workaround of that problems. First create a recovery storagegroup New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RDB1 -Server exch2010 -EdbFilePath “F:\Backup\Restore\Data\rdb1.edb” -LogFolderPath “F:\Backup\Restore\Log”...


Backup of Exchange 2010 database level and document level with Ahsay

Installation of the Ashay Client: Download the Ahsay Client: http://eval.ahsay.com/obs/download/obm-win.exe After the installation please apply the latest hotfix. http://download.ahsay.com/support/hot-fixes/55/obm-win-hotfix.zip Put the content of the hotfix into the folder: c:\program files\ahsayobm\ Disable Continous Backup services...


Ahsay: Howto move user to a new “user home” folder

Logon to the backup server [Administration Console] Under the [Manage System] page, enter another [User Home] (in this case, E:\User) in the [New] textbox provided and press the [Update] button Shutdown the backup service...