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Enterprise Root CA can’t issue more than 2-year certificate

If you want to issue a certificate with 20 years expiration, run this commands:

  To issues a certificate with a template, run this command



Arcserve R12 and Exchange

If you have follow my guide howto to backup exchange from Arcserve R12, but still have problems with backup the exchange server. Try to search in global address book, in outlook if you can...


Arcserve Exchange R12 Setup (Brightstor)

Many of my hits come from search engine, and Exchange and Arcserve R12 setup, is one of the most common. So here come a little howto to setup Exchange R12, with Exchange. Database Backup...


XO Soft Wansync seminar…

Har været på en dags seminar omkring XOSoft, et fantatisk program. Kan replikere Exchange til en anden server, det i sig selv er ikke det store, men det der er spændende er er deres...