Exchange 2003 – Find a email address

If you want to find witch user or public folders that have and specify e-mail address, you can search the Active Directory for it.

    • Open the Acive Directory Users and Computers Management Console
    • Right Click on the domain > Select Find
    • Select Custom Search in the Find field
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • To find the entity with the email address [email protected] for example, enter the following in the LDAP query field:
(proxyAddresses=smtp:[email protected])
  • This will list the entity containing the email address entered.
  • Wild cards can be entered within the email address (*) to return multiple matches.
  • If you want to view all the email addresses within the results list, select View > Choose Columns… and select Proxy Address – doing this in assoication with the query (proxyAddresses=smtp:* will give you a list of all entities within the organisation that have an email address, together with all the email addresses they have.
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