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Delete specific mail in Sophus Exim queu

To show the queue in sophus, from CLI type:

To delete a specific mail type


To see how many mails, there are in queue, you can type:


Give access to calendar based on the user is member of the group.

If you need to give auser access to users calendar, based on if there are member of an group, this is the way. Start Exchange Management Shell


Tomcat Web Server SSL Certificate Installation

How to generate a CSR in Tomcat with Keytool Create a New Keystore You will need to create a new Keystore, this is done by this command:

When the commands ask for the...


List all enabled user in Active Directory

How to list all enabled user in active directory:

How to list all enabled user in active directory, for a given OU:



Uppercase First (ASP)

Here is a quick ucfirst function. First case in a word or string is going to be uppercase

function ucfirst(str)
bogstav = left(str,1)
bogstav = ucase(bogstav)
ucfirst = bogstav & right(str,1)
end function



Vil blot sige at jeg langt om længe blev færdigt med Jeg har lavet designet og programmering bag sitet.


Popup Window

Here is the link to the DEMO: and here is the link to the sourcecode: …


mySQL kommandoer i PHP

Lidt kommandoer til at arbejde med mySQl
Koble sig til en mySQL server
$mysql_server = “localhost”;
$mysql_bruger = “bruger”;
$mysql_password = “password”;
$mysql_database = “database”;
if (!mysql_connect(“$mysql_server”,”$mysq…