Arcserve Exchange R12 Setup (Brightstor)

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5 Responses

  1. michel says:

    hi kenneth,

    thanks for your article, it’s clear and usefull
    as you seem to known arcserve r12 and exchange 2003 (on windows server 2003), maybe you can help me : the rate of exchange backup is 100 MB and for file server it’s near of 1 GB, do you have an idea about this desperate speed ?

    thanks for all


  2. Diego says:

    Hi Kenneth.
    I´m troubleshooting this same situation with Exchange 2007, and I follow step by step your howto, but I can´t reach the document level.
    Can you give me a hand? I´ll really apreciate that.


  3. admin says:

    michel: Yes it something how the Exchange is handling the backup. So there is notting you can doo about the speed.

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