Install Linux OSCore OS – With static network address

When you start the Linux OS – OSCore, from the bootable ISO file, you will just the a prompt.
To Install it, i following these steps

First we needed to be root

Then we setup the IP address of the server

Then we set the root password, and create a user

Then you ssh to the CoreOS server.

Then we need to setup the DNS settings

Type these into resolv.conf

We now need to setup the cloud-config-yaml file

Change the settings below so it fit you

Then we just need to installed the CoreOS

Remember after you have installed CoreOS, the username and password, and aslo the root password, will be lost.
You need to set this up in the Cloud-config file, if you for some reason will like static password after.

Unmount the CDROM from the server
Start the server again

Usefull things, about CoreOS, after you have installed it

cloud-config is located in /var/lib/coreos-install/user_data

if you need Boot Core os, with autologin. (If you for some reason can’t access the server though network).
Reboot the server, and press “e” in grup (Bootmenu) to edit the first boot option.
At the end of the line that begins with “linux$” add ” coreos.autologin=tty1″ (no quotes).
Press CTRL-X or F10 to boot. You will be logged in as “core” when the system boots.
And use sudo to become root

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