Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7, with Safeboot / Mcafee Endpoint Encryption

First you need to install Windows 7, and safeboot / Mcafee endpoint protection.

Then you need to take a backup of the MBR, this is done with a Ubuntu live cd, run this commands:


Put it on a USB flash drive or something else, that you can access after the installation.

After you have make a backup of the MBR, just install Ubuntu the normally way, after you have make changes to grub2 config files.

At the buttom of this files you need to insert this:

Where set root=’hd0,msdos1′ is becuase my windows 7 root partition is locate on disk 0, and msdos partition 1, and chainloader (hd0,msdos5)/boot/safeboot.mbr is because my ubuntu partition is located on disk 0 and msdos partition 5.

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