Upgrade firmware on Dellservers running XenServer and get Dell Openmanage aswell

First you need to enable some standard Repos first

Enable base and updates.

Then you need to enable Dell yum Repos

This will automatically create the repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d
Next we will install Dell OMSA (Openmanage) and the firmwall tools needing to upgrade firmware on a Dell Server.


Then we have to start the Dell Openmanage software this can be done with

And after this we can run

To check that the Dell Openmanage is running okay.
Now you just need to enable port 1311TCP in the firewall of yours Xenserver

Now add the following line:

And restart Xenserver firewall with this commands:

Now you should be able to browse to https://IPADDROfXenserver:1311 and logon with root and the root password.

If you want to enable SNMP Traps:
To make SNMP Traps working in DOM, you need to enable it:

insert at the buttom of the file:

And then restart SNMPD

To update Dell firmware tools, you can use this commands:

This will run for some time.

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