Error while Installing the Client Agent on Ubuntu and Debian Linux – unexpected operator

Errors like this:

/opt/CA/ABuagent/uagentsetup: 74: [: -e: unexpected operator
/opt/CA/ABcmagt/caagent: 60: cd: can’t cd to /nls
/opt/CA/ABcmagt/caagent: 60: cd: can’t cd to /nls
/opt/CA/ABcmagt/caagent: 60: cd: can’t cd to /nls
/opt/CA/ABcmagt/aglang_setup: 60: [: -e: unexpected operator
/opt/CA/ABcmagt/caagentsetup: 54: [: -e: unexpected operator

While installing CA Arcserve R16.5, can be resolve by changing /bin/sh linking from dash to bash.

You can check the linking of /bin/sh, with this commands:

If you get:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Feb  7 19:41 /bin/sh -> dash

You have this problem.
Change the linking is easy, just reconfigure dash

Select No, to Install dash as /bin/sh

Once this is changed you should be able to install the agent or start the agent fine.





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