Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Ahsay restore to recovery mailbox database / storage group.

Ahsay have no support for native restore to Exchange recovery group, but here is a workaround of that problems.

First create a recovery storagegroup
New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RDB1 -Server exch2010 -EdbFilePath “F:\Backup\Restore\Data\rdb1.edb” -LogFolderPath “F:\Backup\Restore\Log”
Where RDB1 is the name of the Recovery database and Exch2010 is the name of the servere where recovery database should be located.

Restore the Exchange 2010 database to a alternative location in ahsay. With both logfiles and the database files, restore it to “F:\Backup\Restore\Data\Mailbox Database.edb” or where you location is.

Then run repair of the restored database.
Eseutil /p “F:\Backup\Restore\Data\Mailbox Database.edb”

Then mount the database
Mount-Database -Identity ‘Mailbox Database’

Example restore a mailbox to a Restore mailbox in the real database.
Restore-Mailbox -Identity ‘mailbox_to_restore_content_to’ -RecoveryDatabase RDB1 -RecoveryMailbox ‘Mailbox_Restore’ -TargetFolder Recovery

This will create a folder name Recovery under mailbox_to_restore_content_to, with the content of Mailbox_Restore

[PS] C:\Recovery20110909>Restore-Mailbox -Identity jvrestore -RecoveryDatabase RDB1 -RecoveryMailbox ‘Jesper Vernegaard’
-TargetFolder Recovery

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